My name is Ilia van der Vaart - Lopez and I am the Managing Director/ Owner of EPIC DMC. I want to share a little bit of my history with you. After having worked over 25 years in the Hospitality industry covering everything from the airlines, travel agencies and major hotel companies, I landed a job at a DMC. I quickly knew I had found my niche. It was no longer after that when I decided to partner with a well renowned State Side DMC and in 2006 EPIC DMC was born.

Having lived in the Caribbean and worked on different islands, I consider this my playground and it is and has always been my pleasure assisting others in discovering the beauty of this region. With offices now in the Midwest, Northeast and Aruba, Aruba is the home base and is the Island where it all started. This magnificent island has been my “partner” in many EPIC group experiences and will continue to be so.

Yarimar Orozco is the Operations Manager for EPIC DMC in Aruba and we have the help of many wonderful and talented staff members who are all specialized in delivering and exceeding expectations.


EPIC DMC team members will introduce you to the best of the Caribbean. Our destination managers will greet you with a smile at the airport, arrange local transportation, assist with registration, and design a memorable itinerary of local attractions, pubs, eateries, and special activities for your group. All of our managers understand the reason you are visiting the island and make sure you leave with experiences that take your breath away!

EPIC DMC is the only boutique destination management company (DMC) in Aruba. We have extended our services to other destinations in the Caribbean, guaranteeing exclusivity during your program dates. Our knowledge will save you from researching the island and essentially starting from scratch. We know the “ins” and “out” of special event venues, restaurants that are “group friendly”, most interesting group tours, and how to successfully navigate your guests through the island’s hidden treasures.

We offer:

  • Site Inspection facilitation, pre event program logistics & budget planning.
  • Highly experienced hospitality desk staffing and services
  • Transportation management from airport services and coordination to point to point transfers.
  • Tour coordination with highly customized group activities and unique team building events.
  • Complete dine-around programs & private off- site dinner coordination and execution.
  • Full evening event design and production
  • Breathtaking event venues
  • Unmatched décor, cultural and distinctive music and entertainment.
  • Locally made guest amenities and room gifts

We promise:

  • Exclusivity during program dates
  • Superior service
  • Proposals within 24 hours

Energetic, Enthusiastic, Empowered

Ilia van der Vaart
Managing Director
  • Loves running early in the mornings
  • Dreams of buying a ski chalet in Bariloche, Argentina
  • Loves decorating the world
  • Doesn’t eat during programs and keeps the staff on a diet
  • Needs to make everyone happy and comfortable
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Yarimar Orozco
Operations Manager
  • Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a great working team
  • Traveled to beautiful places in the world
  • Thrives for organization but is not afraid to improvise
  • Lives in Aruba, some call it paradise but she calls it home!
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Michele Tocco
Services & Support Manager
  • Grateful to be part of the amazing EPIC Aruba team.
  • Loves food, family, friends and being active.
  • Vacations educate and make memories that last a lifetime.
  • Dreams of owning a Bed & Breakfast.
  • Thrives on controlled chaos – it creates new ways to achieve previously unrealized goals
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EPIC DMC - A Destination Management Company
USA: 847-420-1877
ARUBA: 297-734-1065